22 Sep , 2019


An activity of EHRMA Learning Series, aims at achieving three areas of impact, Learn functional best-fit practices, Network with fellow HR practitioners & Share challenges and find solutions based on collective wisdom and experience  

Practice Groups Learning Mode

 Each practice group will operate independently governed by a structured agenda that will serve the following learning objectives:

  • Peer learning through discussing and presenting functional best practice trends. 

  • Identifying functional practice challenges that face participants, discussing, and documenting presented solutions. 

  • Sharing of relevant practice resources among participants. 

  • Conducting a quarterly Practice Seminar addressing key priorities and latest trends and/or practice updates. 

  • Producing quarterly/semi-annual practice white papers documenting effective practices, adopted trends, success stories, or an account of challenges addressed and solutions provided.  

Practice Groups Mode of Operations

Members will use www.ehrma.net to register to join a practice group. 

Joining practice groups is not against fees to EHRMA. Each practice group will be limited to a max of 10 members. In the case of more members interested to join smaller sub-groups to be established. Each practice group will elect – every six months – a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson to lead the group. Each practice group will assign a PG Coordinator to support the group with logistics, communication, documentation, etc. 


  • Each practice group will meet either monthly or bi-monthly based on the agenda and availability of members. 

  • Each meeting is an average of 3 hours. 

  • Each PG meeting must be documented on a special format designed for the purpose. 

  • Effective and consistent participation in PG meetings is important for learning acquisition and transfer of experience. 

  • 40% of registered PG members is considered the quorum for holding a PG meeting.

EHRMA Support: 

An Executive Committee member or more will be assigned to each practice group that’s formed to ensure a smooth launch, provide logistical support, and guide the members to achieve PG intent. 

It’s preferred that the EHRMA ExCom member isn’t by default named as the Chairperson of the PG. EHRMA can provide input, in the form of resources, on functional best practices, trends, challenges, etc. if asked by PG members to do so. EHRMA will support with operations related to conducting training seminars and/or field research work, were required by PG members. EHRMA can provide location for PG meetings, or reimburse members, in the case it’s asked to arrange for it in good time.

Code of Professional Behavior

As members of EHRMA Practice Groups we will:

  • Respect personal opinions and expertise of others. Encourage participation by all. 

  • Preserve the intellectual property of authors and publishers when dealing with available resources to us. 

  • Maintain confidentiality of our corporate affairs during discussions and upon sharing of materials or proprietary resources.

  • Keep our meetings productive, disciplined, and organized. 

  • Keep our personal egos and disagreements to a minimum in an attempt to create a positive learning environment for ourselves